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Innovative in the traditional self storage market

USTOR is the supplier of storage space which fully focusses on innovation in the traditional market of storage space rental, puts it's customers first and aims to achieve an service level as high as possible.   

At USTOR the process of renting storage space (combined with transport) is fully automated. You can think of online booking of the storage space and planning the pick up and return service. This proces can be done in 5 minutes from choosing the storage space, configuring the service, signing the agreements and paying the first invoice. Because the storage centre is also fully automated (access control system, camera security and movement alarm in the storage units), expensive receptions are no longer useful and the company can be managed from our headquarter. 

Clear and transparant pricing

The self storage market is often beeing judged negatively when it comes to communicating the different prices and agreements. Storage supliers don't like to communicate prices, there are a lot of hidden fees and there are often high and very common high raises in prices. 

USTOR makes a difference by communicating it's prices directly on it's website, which allows it to see directly how much it will cost. No deposit, administration or hidden fees are charged and the monthly rate is an all-in price. Last but not least USTOR will not raise prices for at last 18 months (average rental period is 9 months).

The start of USTOR

USTOR is a trading name of M3 self-storage, a supplier of self storage which is active for more than a decade and has more than 5 locations. USTOR has gone live in the end of 2017 and is born out of the idea that renting storage with transport can be a lot eassier an take shorter time. When the proces is automated it can also be a lot cheaper by using smart online applications.