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Renting storage space with USTOR

Free pick-up and return service or receive the first month for free

The mover picks up your items and, with your help, places them inside a storage unit only accessable by you. The storage space itself is very well secured with access control, movement sensors/alarms and camera's.  
When the items need to be brought back, just let us know and the mover will return the items with your help. The storage facility is very centrally located, alongside the ring A10 in Amsterdam-South and has great accessability.

Would you rather take your goods to the storage facility yourself? You will receive the first month rent for free! The minimum rental period for both promotions is two months.

Wide range of sizes, from 3 m3 to 54 m3

The available storage units vary between 3 m3 and 54 m3. Different sizes are available to suit everyone's needs. No idea how much space you would need exactly? Feel free to contact us for advise!

Always access to the storage unit

The items will be stored inside your storage unit, only accessible by you. The storage unit is located inside the centrally located and very well accessible storage facility. The storage unit is accessible 365 days a year from 6 AM until midnight. When you wish to gain 24 hour access this is usually no problem. Please contact us in this case.

For access to the storage facility and storage unit you can use:

USTOR access app

When you have rented a storage unit you will receive a sms message on your mobile. Through this message you can downloadf the app. With this app you can open the entry doors, elevator and the door of the storage unit. You will need to be located nearby the storage unit in order to  gain access.

Access through an access code

When you have rented a storage unit you can also gain access through an access code to enter the storage faclity and storage unit. You will receive your personal access code by e-mail. Enter the code on a keepad and the door will open. It will closes automatically after about 20 seconds.

The movement sensor inside your unit will detect any movement inside the unit. If there is any movement while you are not present, an alarm will be triggered and a security company will be notified and asked to respond accordingly. 

Properly insured

Via USTOR you can insure your goods right away while booking (online). When the goods are picked up by the moving company they are insured via the terms and conditions of the moving company during transport. These can be found here. When the items are stored inside the storage unit they can be insured via USTOR.

Transparant costs

At USTOR we like transparancy, also in costs. With USTOR you will pay a set monthly amount which contains everything; a lock and keys, pick-up and return service, rent and i.e. insurance.  Via our online bookingsystem you will know ahead of time how much you will be paying, we might as well make it easy for you!