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Your storage unit with 365 days a year access

The storage unit is located in a central located and easy to reach storage centre. The storage unit is accesable every day of the year between 06:00 hour and 24:00 hour. When you need 24 hour access, this is in most cases possible. Please contact our advisor for this.

For access to the storage facility and storage unit you can use:

USTOR access app

When you have rented a storage unit you will receive a sms message on your mobile. Through this message you can downloadf the app. With this app you can open the entry doors, elevator and the door of the storage unit. You will need to be located nearby the storage unit in order to  gain access.

Access through an access code

When you have rented a storage unit you can also gain access through an access code to enter the storage faclity and storage unit. You will receive your personal access code by e-mail. Enter the code on a keepad and the door will open. It will closes automatically after about 20 seconds.