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Well insured through USTOR

At USTOR you can insure your goods directly online at USTOR when you rent your storage unit and plan your pick-up service. When the goods are picked up by our mover, the goods are insured under the legal terms of the mover during transport. You can find the legal terms and insurance of the movers here. When the goods are placed in the storage unit they can be insured through USTOR. 

The insurance is a secondairy household insurance by RSA Verzekeringen which has been closed by intermediary Van Breda Risk & Benefits BV. Secondairy means that the insurance will always look if the renter (you) has your own household insurance. When this is not the case you will be covered by the insurance which you have closed at USTOR. The terms of the insurance can be downloaded here.

Do you have more questions about the insurance? Please contact us!