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Your goods highly secured..

When your goods are located in the storage unit you want them to be in a safe and secured place. Therefor we have secured your storage unit with:

Accesscontrol system

Every customer will have his personal accescode to enter the storage centre. You can close the storage unit with a unique lock. You will be the only one that has the keys. 

Movement alarm

Every storage unit at USTOR has a movement detector and alarm. Our alarm system is connected to the security firm. When your are not in the storage centre and there is movement in your storage unit, the alarm will go off and the security firm will act on it directly by looking at the security cams and if nceccesary go to the facility.

Camera system

The storage centre is equipped with a high tech camera system. Every accesspoint and all the corridors are vissible with this system and the footage is stored for a month.