Storage renting 2.0 - Let us completely service you at the sharpest rate! 

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Your storage unit, always accesable and well secured

The mover will place your goods together with you in the storage unit, which is only accesable by you. The storage unit is well secured  by accesscontrol, movementalarm and a camerasystem. The storage centre is located centrally in Amsterdam, next to the highway A10 and is very well accessable from all directions. 

Plenty of choice, units from 4,5 m3 till 54 m3!

The available storage units vary between 4,5 m3 till 54 m3. For every need there is a storage unit available. Is it difficult to decide how much space you will need? Please contact us, we are happy to assist you with it.

Safe and heated storage

When you store your belongings somewere else you want them to be stored safely. Therefor we heat the storage centre and units are well secured with accesscontrol, camera's and movement detectors.

Transparant costs

At USTOR we like to be clear about the costs. Therefor you will pay a monthly fee where all the costs are included like a lock, the rent for the unit, insurance and the free pick up- and return service. By our online bookingsystem you know exactly how much it will cost up front!